Some things I've come across lately that make me drool.
How cute is this t-shirt?!
Every photographer should have a camera charm necklace. Anyone want to buy me one?

... sorry I just had to mop up the giant puddle of drool... mini diana with flash. I want.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Creativity at it's finest. Threadless.com. Best. T-shirts. Ever.

Things I Love Thursday!

Pretty Little Thieves illustrations. I love the quirky drawings!

Poloroids. I really wish I had a Poloroid camera of my own. The effect the camera has on an image is beautiful. [photo by Smile and Wave]

by john w golden
by irene suchocki

I love typewriters. I don't have a typewriter, but I love them. I've noticed a lot of them in illustrations and photography lately...

by Michele Maule

by yvetteinufio

These bookplates are adorable by boygirlparty. There are a few other bookplates with other illustrations on them available on her website and at her etsy store.
These vinyl wall decals are so cute! I want to get some for our flat!! They're by sixunderatree.

I found this etsy shop last year and fell in love with it! It's called getfeltup! So clever. I love this necklace. There are others with different colours in the shop. So cute!

I've been a long-time admirer of blockpartypress. Her work with metals is incredible and the final product is always beautiful and adorable! I mean, look at that necklace!

Happy Bokeh Wednesday

Flickr has a group called "Happy Bokeh Wednesday" where people post photos featuring beautiful bokeh... on Wednesdays. Bokeh refers to the elements in a photo which are out of focus. It could be smooth and soft, or they could be those little out-of-focus circles you see in the background sometimes. I find it really beautiful and it adds interest to photos.

This is an older photo. I took it while Jeremy and I were in Montreal last year. I edited the colouring slighting, but not much else.

I've been posting to our travel blog lately, so I haven't really been keeping up with posts here. I'll try to keep up a bit with non-travel related content :)

Have a great Hump Day! :D

Suitcases and the Beach

I decided to put something on my suitcases to help distinguish them from all the others in luggage claim. I did some doodles in my sketchbook and finally decided on these:
Cute, eh? I've got some luggage tags with Canadian flags on them too - gotta stay true to my roots. haha

Went to the beach on Saturday. It was gorgeous. Got some sun and some good shots in.

.Llamas for Sale.

Jeremy and I went to the cottage for our anniversary (third wedding anniversary, TEN years together!) and we went out for dinner at Deerhurst Resort. We passed the Nordic Inn on the way and apparently they are selling their llamas! And canoes. So if you're in the market for llamas and canoes, you know where to go.

Handmade Postcards

I made some postcards for some friends at camp. I love finding neat postcards to use, but sometimes I just like to make my own.

Some Spring Photos