Looking at the Christmas lights is one of my favourite things at Christmas. I particularily like when people put garland with white twinkle lights around their doorways; it looks beautiful. But when did decorating our front lawns become a contest to see who could make the most gaudy display? There is a house down the street from me that actually has one of those blow-up snow globes, a giant snowman, several santas, a blow-up merry-go-round, and an obscene amount of lights. All of that is displayed all bunched together on a tiny front yard. What happened to simplicity?


Sweet Liberty, I'm free.
I wrote my last exam this morning.
It feels good to be done, at least for a short while. Now I am free to ... now what?


What is it with deadlines and the overpowering desire to do everything except for what actually needs to be done? I have watched TV shows that really don't peak my interest, spent an obscene amount of time on Facebook, have become all of a sudden interested in drawing again, cleaned my apartment (!), wrapped Christmas presents, and have actually made Christmas decorations to put on the wrapped gifts. But have I studied for my exam yet?

And you know, once all my exams are over and I am free to pursue whatever it is that I want to pursue, I'm not going to want to. All of a sudden, the interest will be gone from wanting to draw or write poetry or catch up with old friends. I'm going to complain to my husband that I'm bored. I may even look forward to going back to school after the holidays. Okay, maybe not.


If today were yesterday, I would be using less post-it notes, highlighting less black ink, and writing nothing in my notebook. Hindsight is a beautiful thing. I should know by now that English exams do not always require extreme study time.

I'm Not A Scholar

I'm not a scholar.
I'd like to think I am,
but I don't understand

His sentences are too
long and by the time
I get to the end of it,
I've forgotten what it
was supposed to tell me.

I want to wear glasses
and drink coffee
from Tim Horton's
and nod in agreement
with my professor.

But I only sit and stare
at his elbow patches
wondering if he started
wearing them
because he's a professor
or because
he falls on his elbows.