Anger. Rage. Fury.

Ok, so I wasn't that angry, but what is it with telemarketers and their persistence? If I said no the first time, I'm going to say no the second and third and fourth time you ask me if I want to change to your phone company (one that I have NEVER heard of).

First of all, the woman asks, "Is this Mrs. Marchay?" And when I say no, you have the wrong number, she still continues her sales bit. After being told several times that I was not interested in whatever it was that she was selling (a cheaper phone plan), she seemed flabbergasted that I would reject her offer. But, really, what did the woman expect me to say? "Oh yes, I'll hand over personal information over the phone to a complete stranger from a company I've never heard of! This is my lucky day!" After I had declined politely several times, the woman would not give up and I was starting to get irritated. So I reemed her out and told her exactly why I wasn't interested in saving money:

First of all, you called me thinking I was someone else. I've never heard of your company, I'm already with another one, as you can tell because you're talking on the phone with me right now. I am not prepared to give you any of my personal information, I don't know who you are, and you can't speak English properly. I've said I'm not interested, I will never be interested, so please stop asking me.

and then I hung up on her.
a little harsh?


d. chedwick bryant said...

I get irritated right away... sometimes I feel bad because I get so annoyed. It is a horrible job for the callers.