Here's Lookin' at You, Kid.

I was waiting at school the other day for someone I was selling a textbook to when a girl approached me and asked quietly, "are you Katie?" I was kind of in that state where you're day-dreaming and staring off into nothing, so I didn't answer her at first. She asked again and I snapped back into reality and realized that this girl was talking - but I wasn't really sure if she was talking to me. Her eyes were a little lazy and looking in slightly different directions, so it was really unclear where she was actually looking. Honestly, only about 10 seconds passed where I was completely confused, but it felt like 10 minutes while I squinted at her, trying to figure out where the heck she was looking. I finally realized she was the girl I was meeting and quickly made the exchange and went off to class. I didn't want to look at her again for fear of squinting at her irregular eyes.


bex said...

remember joe who helped out in the caf at school and was in our guitar class? i couldn't look at him or else my eyes would cross and my head would shake.
poor guy.