Pieces of the Story

Piece 1: Jer and I headed out yesterday around 4 to venture downtown. After parking the car at the mall, we got on the RT. As I was talking with Jer, I noticed the lady sitting beside him, fully digging for gold. It was like she hadn't eaten for days. This woman was really hankerin' for some boogie.

Piece 2: While getting off the subway, two girls, who were utterly confused as to which direction they should be going in, kept walking onto the subway then back off. One girl got her foot stuck between the ramp and the subway. I laughed. She laughed. It was a nice moment.

Piece 3:
Bex, Laura, Jer and I went to Salad King last night. It was the first time I tried thai food. Pineapple chicken is scrumptuous, by the way. Jeremy has some words of wisdom on the chillis: "5 chillis going in? 5 chillis going out." I stuck with mild. But I'm still paying for Jer's decision to have 5 chillis.

Piece 4:
I had the priviledge of seeing Sloan in concert last night. Two words: crazy fans. Some old guy behind us thought he was the Sloan expert. And some 12 year olds thought it would be cool to start a mosh pit. They were the only ones that participated in that part of the Sloan festivities. They probably didn't even know who Sloan was. Shame. Then some guy started crowd surfing. It was the fastest way to the front of the crowd. I thought about it myself, but opted for not being touched in places that are reserved for private moments with Jeremy.

Piece 5: Speaking of private moments, after the concert, we headed over to this giant snow globe that we thought we could go in (we couldn't). Some random couple were sauntering along when they suddenly stopped in the spotlight and started making out. This was no ordinary PDA: I think maybe the girl had a wedgie that her boyfriend was helping her with.

Piece 6: Next, we headed to HMV. Jer and I wanted to buy the new Sloan CD: 10 bucks? deal. There's more to this piece later.

Piece 7: Bex and Laura, and Jer and I parted ways at Kennedy station. On the RT, Jer decided to share his 5 chillis with the rest of the passengers. The RT decided to stall for 15 minutes. Connection?

Piece 8 a.k.a Piece 6 Part 2: Jer and I decided to listen to our new Sloan CD in the car on the way to church. As Jer cleared off the car, I got in to put the CD on and heat up the car. But when I opened the CD case, there was no CD. "oh Jeremy, you silly" I thought. When he got in, I was like, "okay. Give me the CD." "I gave it to you," he said. Hmm. So we paid 10 bucks for a CD case. Not such a good deal. After church, we headed to HMV at the mall to exchange it and there were no CD's left. We got a gift card and ordered a new one.

Piece 9: I never really considered Scarborough Town Center to be a swanky place, but apparently it's really quite picturesque. No joke, a bride and groom were posing for their pictures on a bench in the mall- in front of the escalator. Silly me, and I thought flowers were pretty for wedding pictures. I guess everyone has their tastes: pink flowers or moving stairs? Moving stairs it is.


niuzhen said...
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bex said...

oh man. i laughed out loud reading this. that was so awesome to read. i blogged about the couple too! hehe. they took a bit part of my blog. yours was concise and hilarious. i need to learn to write succinctly.

Kayls said...

haha, i laughed at jer on the subway. glad you had a great night. would have come, but a) i don't care for sloan and b) i was at kids church. but i did hit up a wikked 80's party.