Popcorn and the Movies

I'm taking a course called "Cinema and Modernity" where we watch and analyze films from various genres. It's actually quite interesting to view films in a way other than for the sake of entertainment. We're learning about filming techniques and camera tricks and relate those properties back to the story of the movie.

Tuesday evenings are when the films are screened. Some people bring in snacks for the movie - or their dinner, as the screening time is from 5 to 7 - prime dinner eating time. The people seated behind me decided to bring in popcorn (original). A friend of theirs came in, who I guess brought popcorn last week, and exclaimed, "You guys brought popcorn?! I'm starting a fad!"

No. She did not just say that. Starting a fad? Of eating popcorn at the movies? Has she ever been to a movie theatre? I assume she wants to patent the idea of throwing popcorn during a movie too? Because that's what her and her friends thought would be a good idea yesterday. I didn't realize I was entering a time machine when I walked into the screening room, because clearly we're 12 again.