Future Opportunities

Figures I go right back to school when I'm finally done...
I graduate in the Spring (yay!) and in May I'm taking a course called TESOL. That is: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Since I'm not in school next Fall, I thought it may help me find a job in the school system for the year while Jeremy is in teacher's college). This course also helps you find ESL teaching jobs in other countries, so Jer and I are seriously thinking about spending a year in South Korea once all our schooling is over with. Now that we've been talking about this for the past week or so, I am so anxious to go. I really want to experience another culture and send emails home about all the cool things I'm doing while everyone else is shovelling snow. In all seriousness though, I'm really excited about future opportunities and the possibility of living in a new place.


bex said...

SO glad you showed me where your new blog is. I'll add it.
Korea would be awesome AND you could pay off all of your student loans. I know 3 people that did that after University and had a blast and got paid wicked. We'll talk next time we meet, I have some advice!

Kayls said...

hey did jer get into teacher's college????
ya i have a friend out in south korea right now doing that. she loves it. you'd love it too. i think.. katie in korea... ya okay. ;)