Red in the Face

I squirmed in my seat trying to figure out a non-chalant way of fixing my dilemma. Why did I think it was a good idea to sit in the front row? Now that I'm in fourth year, I'm all of a sudden a super-nerd (I even wear glasses and raise my hand in class). I glance back slightly to see where everyone's attention is. Duh. The front of the room. I decide to just pay attention and take notes, but I can't help but think back through my day. I got a ride to school, went to class, went to the library, bought a coffee, read, and now I'm here in my other class. Did I take a washroom break? Think think think. Yes! As soon as I came in after getting a ride to school - wait. That means- I- My- Oh dear. My fly's been down for all that time! Now to get it back up. The world does not need to see my underoos.