Crunch Time

The coffee's brewing, post-it's are scribbled with little facts, and my notes are decorated with flourescent colours. Yes, it appears to be that time of year again. I'm growing fond of the wee hours of the morning and the... motivation... of a looming due date. But I won't be in the doldrums when I see this time pass. Especially as this will be one the last "crunch times" I'll have the pleasure of enduring. Freedom is around the corner. The corner certainly seems to be quite large, but it's around the corner nontheless.

When I reach this coveted reverse side of the corner, I'm not really sure what I'll be doing, but it will not, without question, involve dangerous amounts of coffee consumption. As much as I like office supplies (yes, I have a fondness for Staples Business Depot), I really don't want to see another highlighter for a long time (unless, of course, it involves doodling mindlessly).

Actually, I do have an idea of what I would like to do for the summer after I graduate. It just seems to be a really ...weird situation right now. I won't go into details or anything. It just seems that something I've loved for so long is slipping away and I'm not really sure why. I understand that things change and people change and things go in different directions sometimes. I just don't understand why I may not be a part of that change. I think this paragraph is more for me than for the few readers who stop by here...


Kayls said...

katie i love the way you write. and are you talking about camp? if your not, are you going back to camp?