In Life Writing yesterday, we were asked to write for 10 minutes on a time when we ourselves were sick, or a close friend or family member. This task came at a very appropriate time, as sickness seems to be everywhere lately.

A couple weeks ago, my mom had a really bad flu and was out of work for about a week. Not really that tragic, but if you were the one sick, you'd probably think it was. The funny thing about being sick is, when you are sick all you can think about is being healthy. And when you are healthy, being sick doesn't even cross your mind. Mom's better now.

A few days ago, my Grandma told me that Grandpa was going to the doctor to check his heart. A few nights ago, I found out Grandpa has to get an angiogram on Friday. The result of the test could be as little as medication or as serious as open-heart surgery. We won't know until Friday.

On Thursday, I found out that one of the most loving and generous women I know has been diagnosed with lung cancer. And although she is one of the most loving women I know, she is also one of the sickest. She has gone though so many illnesses, that it is a miracle she is with us now.

I am so angry at her doctor. She has been having trouble breathing for some time and the doctor just told her to take her puffers and she'll be fine. She finally went to a respirologist who immediately rushed her to the hospital where she was quickly diagnosed with lung cancer in its most advanced stages. The chemo she's receiving just seems to be a vain attempt to bide more time, hoping to meet her first grandchild in a few short months. I am so angry at her doctor.