Oh, The Places You'll Go

I didn't really expect to react the way I did yesterday when Jeremy found out about some schools that he got accepted to for teacher's college. I didn't realize how much I actually don't want to move to North Bay, Thunderbay, or Windsor. I feel terrible for crying and being such a baby about it. Jeremy has stressed and worked so hard to make sure he got accepted somewhere to complete school, and I acted so selfishly. But I guess that doesn't really matter now because Jeremy got accepted to Ottawa, which is the first 'out-of-town' choice if he doesn't get into the Toronto schools. And I'm more willing to move there.

I hate when life is so unpredictable sometimes. I want to know where we're going to be living in the Fall rather than waiting and guessing. But this definitely forces me to put more trust in God's plan. With the uncertainty of the future, I have to trust that God knows what He's doing, and that He'll provide for our needs.

God provides: this is definitely something I've been learning and something I've been blessed with this year and it's terrible how often I've actually stopped to thank God for what He's done. Jeremy has had 4 or 5 different jobs this year, with jobs falling through and other ones being offered right away. God provides. We've received mysterious cards with money in them from people that love us. God provides. We've had Monday night dinners with Jeremy's family all year. God provides. No matter what has happened, whether it be as big as losing a job or as little as not having a couch, God has taken care of our needs. If I can see that God has taken care of us, I need to trust that His plan is good, wherever we end up next year.


jelly_bean1919 said...

hey Katie!
i love reading your blog too, thanks for commenting on mine. I'm having a really good time in France. Hope I see you in the summer, I'm signed up for prime.

Dave said...

You're a sweetheart Katie.

Can you tell Jer I'm proud of him?

Ottawa's rad, generally more subdued and bilingual than Toronto. Hope you find a good church close to a great/cheap place close to the school!

bex said...

AND you don't have to worry about finding someone to move in your your wicked house. Me and Laura will take it. And take care of it. And you can move in again when you come back?

Kim said...

You're not being selfish hun... I think that would be a natural reaction- I would do it too!!

And Bex- I will move in too.. and sleep under the kitchen table! haha.

On a side-note... God does provide- thank you SO much for reminding me that on my blog. I applied to the job that I wrote about and I got it. I'm SO excited- it seems like an amazing experience and I cant wait to get started. I just feel like it was totally meant for me... it starts the Monday after my last day (which is a Friday), it's sooo perfect! :) So yeah, thanks for reminding me of that in my time of blah-ness! :)

P.S. CONGRATS to Jeremy! :D

Kayls said...

life is about waiting - waiting for God's plan to unfold.
and He does provide and is SO faithful to us. crazy how we doubt. but cool to see parallel stories of how God provides in the lives of my friends. thanks for sharing yours. God is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow - we all go through different struggles but the lesson in the end is the same: God is faithful.