Where Have All the Tim Horton's Gone?

Last night, Jeremy and I were walking around downtown Ottawa when I saw an ad for Tim Horton's on a garbage can. I quickly realized that we'd been walking around for a good hour or so and the only Tim Horton's that I had seen was on a garbage can! Another observation I've made is that Starbucks (ahem... American) is rampant. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the capital of Canada? And isn't Tim Horton's a national Canadian icon? C'mon, Ottawa. Support your local Tim Horton's today, and succumb to the stereotypical Canadian identity. Don't forget to bundle up before heading out in that blizzard!

Reflecting on Life in Ottawa

It is hard to believe that I was so afraid to move to a new city. I was afraid of getting lost (check), of being lonely because I didn't know anyone (check), and I was afraid I would hate my job (check). Having experienced these things has made me realize how much I can't just rely on myself.

I felt (and still do at times) so turned around here. I didn't know what was North or South, or East or West because I'm so used to living in Toronto where landmarks tell me exactly where I am. I've come to rely on the parliament building so I can orient myself with my surroundings. Parliament buildings are North, so everything else is South.

The first week here when Jeremy was at school, I felt so alone because I had no one else to interact with. I started a new job (we'll get to that in a minute) where the ladies that worked there just nit-picked at everything I did (wrong). I missed going to church where I knew everyone, and I missed camp community as well, again where I knew everyone. I came to rely on trying to be a little more outgoing (which is not my nature at all).

As mentioned above, I worked the first week in Ottawa. I hated that job. I was always told how I was doing things wrong, the daycare was disorganized and unprofessional, and I was totally unimpressed with the authority there. I quit after the first week. And I came to rely on my computer to search for new job. And eventually, I did.

So even though I was afraid of getting lost, of being lonely, and of hating my job, I was able to rely on something to get me through that fear. And it's not the parliament buildings, or striving to be less of a wallflower, or even job search engines. Through it all, I prayed. I prayed I would find my way home through all the one-way streets. I prayed that I would meet new people. And I prayed that I would find a job that I love. So even though I relied on other earthly things, God put those there because of my prayers, because He wants to ease my fears and He wants to bless me.