Where Have All the Tim Horton's Gone?

Last night, Jeremy and I were walking around downtown Ottawa when I saw an ad for Tim Horton's on a garbage can. I quickly realized that we'd been walking around for a good hour or so and the only Tim Horton's that I had seen was on a garbage can! Another observation I've made is that Starbucks (ahem... American) is rampant. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the capital of Canada? And isn't Tim Horton's a national Canadian icon? C'mon, Ottawa. Support your local Tim Horton's today, and succumb to the stereotypical Canadian identity. Don't forget to bundle up before heading out in that blizzard!


Kayls said...

katie you're awesome, i love reading your blogs. haha, is it that cold in ottawa? i hope you find a job you love and even more, rely on God always - here's to learning and a God that's patiently willing to teach us.