Sometimes having options is just as bad as not having options. When I didn't know if I would be accepted anywhere for teacher's college, I was anxious and stressed. Now that I have some options, I'm still anxious and stressed because I don't know what school to choose! Oh, the dilemma.

On the one hand, Australia would be a beautiful place to live. The school is on the beach and the living costs are fairly comparable to here. On the other hand, Scotland is also beautiful, rich with history and culture, and Edinburgh is a very prestigious school ranking 23 of universities worldwide.

The downsides? The University of Wollongong is not a well-known institution and this could cause me to run into problems when applying for full-time work. The University of Edinburgh's tuition will cost the same as my entire undergraduate degree, and I have to wait until next August 2009 to go.

And so there lies the dilemma that is on my mind. By reading what I've written, can you tell what school I would prefer to go to? Because I can't...


daine said...

beach. it is a default. and so what if no one has heard of it. You'll get a job, don't sweat that one. every place needs teachers.

Katrina said...

:) Beach

But that's only cause I have always wanted to go to Australia.

No worries :) You'll figure it out. I believe it.