Canada Day in the Capital

Canada Day in Ottawa is very exciting and a little frightening. I've never actually gone to any kind of Canada Day festivities because I'm always working at camp, so this was all very new to me yesterday, particularily being in Ottawa because they go all out. They start off the day with the Changing of the Guard, end the day with fireworks and fill the middle with all kinds of wild things - parades, train rides, street performers. Jeremy and I went to see the Urban Art Show which was pretty great. There were three different Dance Crews who performed - mainly breakdancing stuff. And we waited to see the parade, but I'm pretty sure we went out too late and missed it.

Now, I mentioned that Canada Day in Ottawa was a little frightening. Let me explain:

Holiday + Beer = Crazy People.

1. One guy yelled at someone handing out religious tracts, telling him there is no God. He said, "You should be carrying a flag on Canada Day, not a poster with a verse. I don't want that in my country." I so badly wanted to tell him that if he wanted to live in a country that didn't allow the freedom to practice you religion or voice your opinion, than he should move to Zimbabwe. Canada Day celebrates Canada and what it represents: Freedom.

2. Three drunk guys were pushing and shoving each other into other people.

3. When the First Nations dance crew came on to perform, a First Nations homeless man (who had a few too many) walked onto the stage to perform himself.

4. A couple approaching the Loblaws saw the CLOSED sign and still attempted to push the automatic door open. Apparently the sign wasn't enough. I bet they were American.


ms. froggie said...

oh no...#4. i'll bet you were right about that. :) nice to meet you back, katie! and to answer your question, i have 2 sons...both on the spectrum and they are both pretty brilliantly complex yet fabulous. (oh i make them sound like manolo blahnik gladiator sandals!)

so, what did you choose? edinburgh or australia? for teaching college? how very very cool either way. :))

Katrina said...

hahah that's hilarious - and totally scary. #1 is right - and I bet they wouldn't like it in Zimbabwe anyway

yes...and which school did you choose?