Ode to an Old Grump

The public bus can be such a wonderful place full of extraordinary and interesting people. Let's peek through the window of time to take a looksy at Thee Auld Grump.

Enter Thee Auld Grump (TAG) onto the bus - who then proceeds to stare down the person sitting in the designated spots of elderly, crippled, strollered, or otherwise un-able bodied riders. Once the person feels sufficiently awkward, he gets up and moves farther to the back of the bus. Please take note that TAG is neither crippled nor strollered, nor does he appear to have a foot in the grave.

Enter Woman with Stroller (WWS). The bus driver calls back and asks people to move out of the designated spots so WWS has room so the stroller isn't in the aisle. This is where TAG shines the brightest. He crosses his arms across his body and refuses to move (all this while people are crowding at the front of the bus because the stroller is in the aisle). He says, "We get pushed around enough. I'm not moving." He nods in the direction of the two elderly ladies for their support who nod in agreement and say, "Yeah!"

I half expected a revolt with canes being pushed into the air like pitchforks and body paint being slathered on in a Braveheart fashion. "You cannot take our bus seats!"

The bus driver actually had to come back and ask again so WWS could move her stroller. I piped up and said, "She takes up more room that you do, just switch seats." TAG looked at me with his angry beady little eyes and cried, "I'm not taking any more of this. I'm getting off the bus." And off he went on his merry way.

Now, all you old people activists out there are probably thinking that TAG did get pushed around. But TAG was able-bodied and could move the two feet to a different seat. He also didn't have to pay for the next bus because senior citizens get on the bus for free in the summer. Why do serior citizens feel like they get the short end of the stick? They get on the bus for free, they get seniors discounts, and they don't have to go to work. They get pushed around by whom? Their boss? They don't have one.

So TAG, if you're out there, this one's for you. Hope you like the dark, dim light I painted your picture in.


bex said...

Katie!!! You told off an old man?! Hahah! Ahhh....I wish I was there. Only you can get away with these things...:)