Make-Belief Gone Bad

If you don't already know, I nanny two boys; J. is 4 and S. is 2. On Tuesday afternoons, J. goes to a program about Superheroes which he absolutely LOVES. "Precious Paul" and "Mayhem Mary" run the program, as well as their Superhero identities, "Midnight Man" and "Purple Haze." From what I understand, there is a whole story line about M.M. and P.H., and the kids sort of live it out and solve different problems, and learn how to be superheroes along the way.

Well, today an evil doctor put special hats (silver bowls) on the heads of M.M. and P.H. and switched their powers and personalities. These recent events deeply upset J. and he was wailing when I picked him up this afternoon. He was crying so hard, he couldn't explain why he was so upset, and Precious Paul had to explain what was up. Poor J. let his imagination get the best of him.

Later, J. explained that Precious Paul and Midnight Man can't possibly be the same person because when they watched the video of M.M. and P.H. being switched, Precious Paul was right in the room with them!

For the record, the photo is of Jeremy (the husband) on our vacation this summer.

He thinks he's a superhero.

The Antler People

Yesterday, I spent a few hours creating The Antler People. They are my Christmas design for this year. Right now they are on gift tags that are oh-so-adorable, and I'm thinking about creating some cards too.

I'll be selling these in my Etsy shop soon. I'm going to create more tag packs before I list them. I'm thinking I'll put 10 tags in each pack. They will come in this handy-dandy envelope I made!

Here are some more of The Antler People:

Aren't they just adorable? On the back of the tags, "To" and "From" are stamped on and enough room to leave a message if you wish.

Tell me what you think about The Antler People. What else can I put them on? I love them!

Meet Benita and Mr. Brown

This weekend has been quite productive, if I do say so myself. I would like to introduce you to Benita the Bunny and Mr. Brown the Substitute. Drum roll, please...

This is Benita.

And this is Mr. Brown.

Aren't they just darling? Each are painted on 8x10 natural fiber board with acrylic paint. The illustrations are done with oil paint pen. They are also now available at urbanBasement.

In other news, Jeremy has finally gotten a practicum placement at a Private school. He gets to work with a grade 3 class! And there are only 12 students! He's pretty excited about it, as am I. He goes for an observation day on Tuesday, and starts on the 6th for 5 weeks! Having said all this, that means we finally know when we can move back to Toronto. We'll be heading back Monday November 10th. Let the packing begin!


Jingle Bells? Already?

I realized I haven't posted in a few weeks, so I guess I should update a little bit for those that actually come around here to visit :)

I'm in the beginning stages of a new project for Christmas. I'm trying to decide what my personal Christmas cards will be this year, and what I will offer on Etsy. I've done some sketches for some Christmas tags I may offer. Do people buy those? Or do people not care anymore and just write on the bag/box? I love making my presents look beautiful. I don't care if they get ripped open. They sit under the tree for so long, they better be nice to look at!

I've decided I would like to buy most Christmas presents on Etsy as well. I love receiving original gifts, so I hope my family and friends love receiving them too! I've already bought one present, but I think it will end up being a Birthday gift instead. You should really check out tinymeat. I bought an amazing passport case there that I should be getting in the mail soon!

Christmas is coming soon. Don't get caught in the rush!

Beach Alphabet

Beach Alphabet Series
"A is for Away"
"B is for Bird"
"C is for Crash"

Available as a set at urbanBasement.

During my vacation, I spent the day with Jeremy and his parents at the Boardwalk in the Toronto Beaches. It was a beautiful, bright day. Unfortunately, it was pretty windy and cold - but that didn't effect the gorgeous photos I was able to capture!

In other news, I've now made 4 sales through my etsy shop. I know it's not much, but it's pretty exciting when someone wants to buy and appreciate something you've created.

urbanBasement Illustrated Notecards

For the past few months I have been drawing quirky owls, birds, and characters - some of which have made it onto my computer to be digitally coloured. Lucky ducks. These three lovelies are available at urbanBasement, so check it out for more pictures.


The cards are blank on the back for your own personal message and they come with white envelopes.


So I've been off for two weeks on holidays, which was a much needed break, and I ended up taking 500+ photos. For the first week, we were at my cottage, then went to Toronto to visit friends and family. This shot was taken at the Boardwalk in the Beaches in Toronto. I love the sparkle of the water and the minimal focus on the sand. I just lightened it up a bit, otherwise it's straight out of the camera. You can got to Flickr to see more of my photos.