Make-Belief Gone Bad

If you don't already know, I nanny two boys; J. is 4 and S. is 2. On Tuesday afternoons, J. goes to a program about Superheroes which he absolutely LOVES. "Precious Paul" and "Mayhem Mary" run the program, as well as their Superhero identities, "Midnight Man" and "Purple Haze." From what I understand, there is a whole story line about M.M. and P.H., and the kids sort of live it out and solve different problems, and learn how to be superheroes along the way.

Well, today an evil doctor put special hats (silver bowls) on the heads of M.M. and P.H. and switched their powers and personalities. These recent events deeply upset J. and he was wailing when I picked him up this afternoon. He was crying so hard, he couldn't explain why he was so upset, and Precious Paul had to explain what was up. Poor J. let his imagination get the best of him.

Later, J. explained that Precious Paul and Midnight Man can't possibly be the same person because when they watched the video of M.M. and P.H. being switched, Precious Paul was right in the room with them!

For the record, the photo is of Jeremy (the husband) on our vacation this summer.

He thinks he's a superhero.


AccentEnvy said...

Don't you love that innocence. I love children's imagination. My hubby thinks that I have never outgrown mine though. :)

esque said...

He he! Great picture! Superheroes are great and if my hubby could be one he'd be Superman.

Stacey said...

I love that picture.

april said...

Great post! Thanks for stopping by!
I'll be reading!

Kate said...

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