Suitcases and the Beach

I decided to put something on my suitcases to help distinguish them from all the others in luggage claim. I did some doodles in my sketchbook and finally decided on these:
Cute, eh? I've got some luggage tags with Canadian flags on them too - gotta stay true to my roots. haha

Went to the beach on Saturday. It was gorgeous. Got some sun and some good shots in.


laura said...

Love the tags!
And me and Laura feel famous because we were on your other blog - haha!
No comment posting allowed on that one?

Beka said...

So no, that wasn't Laura and her multiple personalities, that was me commenting and I didn't know I was logged into her account!

kea said...

katie! i love the pics. and you look great in them!
have a splendid time overseas. safe travels!